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First week complete

Saturday, September 5, 2009
So we survived the first week of KINDERGARTEN. We are so proud of Emma. It was a slow gradual entrance that ended on Friday with a full day of school and riding the bus to and from school. Of course Emma was very excited about the bus, but Mommy was very nervous. It is a little scary putting your 5 almost 6 year old on a big bus with a bunch of kids she doesn't know and a bus driver you met for just 5 seconds. Even after hearing lots of teasing, I followed the bus to school, watched her get off and waited for her to go inside (without her knowing). Of course I won't do this everyday...just wanted to make sure she was okay for the first time. I guess I was more worried about her getting off the bus in the afternoon at the right place. What happened if she wasn't paying attention and got off early???? Thankfully we have friends whose 2nd grader rides the bus home and gets off the same stop. We asked him to make sure Emma gets off with him. The whole bus thing really does make me nervous. I lived 4 blocks from my elementary school so I walked. This is all very new to me.

Kindergarten is not play time like when I was in kindergarten....it is serious business with: Art, music, gym, computer, library and HOMEWORK. Yes, homework every day but Friday. CRAZY!!

So here are some pics of Emma from the week:

Abby starts Pre-K this week. She is excited about getting homework. Actually she got homework when I went to the parent conference last week. She was so excited. I hope my girls are this excited when they are 13 about doing their homework.
One week down....how many til summer vacation!!!!

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

My first grader already complains of her once a week homework... I am soooo in trouble! :)

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