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Problem Solved

Monday, September 7, 2009
If you remember a few posts back I was having organizational dilemmas. Trying to organize all the school calendars, school papers, to do lists, etc. So after much thought and lots of BLOG/web surfing I came up with a few ideas. I knew how I wanted it all to be set up just didn't want to spend a lot of money. I found a desk at Sears (online) that I really like but it would of cost $200 with shipping....way over budget. So I figured I would give Kmart a shot (since they are owned by Sears). I found a great deal.... a console table on clearance for $55 (originally $129). Then while shopping at AC Moore I found large poster frames on sale which reminded me of this idea I saw with a picture frame on Creative Crate Blog.

It was all coming together. We moved the "Command Center" from the kitchen to the dinning room. Sean helped with the grid lines and calendar. He drew it on poster board and then I added stickers for the days. We put the table together and rearranged the dinning room.

So here it is:

The top frame is a weekly calendar. The bottom shows the current month and has room for notes. I have the girls school papers on the left in the slotted organizer and misc papers on the cork board to the right. I got two baskets with lids (one for each girl) and put an accordion file folder inside each one. I labeled the file folder with the months for all of their school work and art.
I love it. Even Sean admitted afterward my crazy thoughts turned out nice. Of course the girls love it.

So wish me luck on better organization!!!

2 comments to Problem Solved:

Stacie said...

LoVe it!! I love how you have it all organized in one place! Can I have it? :) Where did you get your paper holder on the left? I have been looking for something like that to put my kiddos papers in from school. Thanks so much for sharing your idea!! Do you mind if I feature it on my blog if I link back to yours? Thanks again!Have a great day!

Laura said...

Oh my goodness, it looks AMAZING!! Wow you really put a lot of thought into it and I love that it didn't cost you a lot of $$ either. Way to go girl!!

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