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Monday, March 17, 2014
I'm not sure the actual reasons I first began blogging.  More than likely to share my family stories and because it was the "IT" thing to do.  I kept it up for a few years then LIFE got busy.  At some point I stopped blogging.  I always had good intentions to keep going but many good intentions come to an end. 

Then just recently Sean (my husband, many should know) wanted to show a co-worker some Disney pictures.  Sean called asking how to find the blog (yes it has been that long that a search was required). Luckily I did have it saved as a favorite with my other favorite blogs.  Then it happened...I read EVERY post.  I smiled, I got teary eyed, I laughed and then I got sad.  I got sad because there weren't anymore to read after March 2012.  That was 2 years ago.  A lot has happened since then.

Then it HIT me...yes like a TON OF BRICKS.  I figured out why I had blogged (even though I never realized it at the time)...to document/preserve memories. 

Scrapbooking is my typical method of preserving memories (yes I am behind on that) but I quickly realized that I had memories preserved in my blog as well.  That's when I decided the blogging must continue!!!  There have been so many memories/moments that have passed that I did not blog about and have not scrapbooked.

As I said before (in my very first post) I am not a great writer.  I often have a difficult time expressing my feelings and putting them into words.  Sean will, I am sure, find errors after I have posted.  He is normally my editor but unless I pay him he won't be proof reading each of my post.

I used to have some followers.  Not sure who will read my posts, if anyone.  But that is OK.  My goal is to be able to preserve those precious moments in my life.

So here we go...let the journey begin!!!

Almost a Year

Friday, February 24, 2012
I can't believe my last post was almost a year ago. Life has been really busy but GOOD!!! With school, work, extra-curricular activities, home improvement projects and family time there isn't much time left in the day.
I have so much I want to share and catch up on. I hope to start posting on a regular basis again.
Thanks so much for following my blog in the past and I hope you will join me again for future posts.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, March 16, 2011
Since we had so much fun with "LOVE" at Valentine's Day we thought we'd give it a try again. "LUCKY" was a little harder but it was still fun. Hope you have a great day.

The Luck of the Irish

Monday, March 7, 2011
Well I am pretty sure I am not Irish (not even a teeny tiny bit) but that certainly doesn' t keep me from enjoying St. Patrick's Day. As the Valentine Decorations came down the St. Patty's Day ones went up.

Can't wait for the big day to arrive.....Lucky Charms for breakfast, cornbeef and coleslaw for dinner and a hunt for coins that will lead to a pot of gold for the girls!!!

Kraft Philadelphia Cooking Creme Goodness

Love it when I find a new product that makes life easier....and love it even more when it is cheap and YUMMY!!!

Sunday's newpaper had a $1.50 coupon for Philadelphia Cooking Creme and my grocery store had it on sale for 2 for $4.00....you do the math.

There are several flavors. I bought the Santa Fe Blend. It came with several different recipes but since I already had Enchiladas on the menu I chose that one. It took about 20 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes in the oven. Best part is was delicious!!!!!!!

If you go here and register you can get a coupon for a free tub. Can't wait to try the other flavors, especially after I get my coupon for a free tub.

Right Now....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Listening to: Bruno Mars CD - Grenande is my favorite
and addicted to Cee Lo Green's "Forget You" (the clean version) and Gwyneth Paltrow's version from Glee - my favorite version

Watching: waiting for Season 3 of True Blood (it's getting passed around work)
waiting for last Season of Brothers and Sisters to arrive in the mail

Playing: Wordsmith on my phone (generic/free version of scrabble)...oh, I'm addicted

Wishing for: warm weather and lots of outdoor time and March Madness to begin

Hoping: hubby recovers quickly

Happy about: spending lots of quality time with my family and planning our summer activities

Trying to: stay motivated in this cold weather...been going to the YMCA to get my groove on!!!


Getting used to: my newly red hair!!!!


Monday, February 21, 2011
lost socks:
* white sock with cupcake and pink edge
* pink and brown poka dot
* pink with flowers and swirls
* stripes with a hippo

These are just descriptions of some of the lost socks in our house. Everytime I do the girls' laundry it seems as though several go missing. I'm worried the dryer might be eating them???? Where could they possibly be???

I refused to put the unmatched sock in the sock drawer for fear it would be forever lost all alone. So I started laying them on a shelf in Emma's closest. This was definitely not ideal. So during a recent blog surfing expedition I found this and this. What a great idea!!!

So last week during an unexpected day off this is what I did:

When we remodeled our 1/2 bath we stained tongue and groove floor boards and put them on the ceiling. We had scraps just laying in the basement that worked perfectly. I painted over the stain with crackle then topped it with off white paint. I didn't like how that turned out. So then I painted it with a greyish tan color....much better. I stamped the clothes pins with brown swirls so they didn't look so plain. I used my Cricket to cut out the letters and Viola!!!!!!
I hung this in the upstairs hallway next to the bedrooms.
****Since this photograph was taken 5 missing socks were found (in Emma's bed between the sheets and in the dress up drawer). Off course after the latest laundry washing 3 lonely socks were found and added to the board. I believe this will be a never ending mission!!!!