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Monday, September 28, 2009
I follow DIY Show Off Blog and am amazed at all the great things people think of doing. I am by no means as creative as the people that are featured on this blog but I do like to consider myself more than just a novice. With three houses under my belt, many of the home improvement projects were done by Sean and I. Here are some the projects we have accomplished (amazing we haven't killed each other yet)
* exposed a brick wall in our living room by tearing down the plaster and CLEANING the brick with toxic acid....what a DUSTY mess that was
* re-modeled our kitchen ...completely tearing out the new cabinets and replacing them with cabinets that we ASSEMBLED ourselves (we had over 100 boxes delivered to our house).
* re-modeled a bathroom...adding a whilpool tub
* built a closet and a work bench
* re-modeled a 1/2 bath
* turned a spare bedroom into a scrapbook/craft room with wall cabinets and a built in desk
* painted more walls, moulding, doors and ceilings that I can count
* re-landscaped the front of our current house.
We are constantly working on something...but isn't that part of home ownership? Anyway back to the "featured" part. Remember my Calender command center???? I sent a link to the DIY Show Off Blog and she considered it "DIY good enough" to post on her very popular Blog. I was honored and excited.
Don't worry I have lots of other projects swirling around in my head that I would like to do....just waiting for the $$$ to fall off our trees.
Check me out on DIY Show Off - http://thediyshowoff.blogspot.com/2009/09/youre-invited-to-surprise-party-diy.html.

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