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End of Summer 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009
I am sad to see the Summer of 2009 end. We had a great summer and the girls had some big milestones.

We joined the pool again this year and the girls learned to swim...NO MORE kiddie pool. The girls also learned to do handstands, forward rolls and backward rolls in the water. By the end of August Sean had the girls jumping into the 9 ft end. I was very nervous but they did fine. I am glad they learned not to freak out if they can't touch the bottom.

We also went swimming this summer at their friend Natalie's for an "end of school" party in June then a "back to school" party in August; Mr. Fred's (Sean's Office Manager) for the office party; Maddie's for her birthday; Aunt Nikki and Uncle Donnie's and Uncle Scott's. I think the girls grew fins over the summer. They definitely get their love for the water from Sean.

In July we got to go to Ocean City for a few days. We stayed at the Carousel Hotel so the girls got to ice skating for the first time (they have an ice skating rink right in the middle of the hotel). The girls loved the sand (more than mommy can say) but were hesitant about the big ocean of water. We played miniature golf as a family for the first time, went bike riding and the girls rode the rides.
A few weeks ago we took a day trip to Chesapeake Beach Water Park with friends. That was a really fun place for the girls. They had water slides, a big wading pool and a lazy river.

We also spent many evenings hanging out front with our neighborhood friends Zoey and Kiera. The girls would ride bikes, play hide and seek and just act silly.

Emma mastered the bike without training wheels. She can stop and start and control the bike with ease. Abby started riding her big girl bike she got for her birthday (12" bike with training wheels) just a month ago. When she first got it she kept telling me to have Pop-Pop and Mrs. Kay take the bike back.

Oh, and can't forget we bought a new car and Miley turned 2 years old.
Wow just thinking of all we did makes me tired. Here are some pictures of all the fun:

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer. I am looking forward to my favorite season now....FALL!!!

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