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Small Town Life

Monday, August 3, 2009
Does anyone else ever dream about this??? I do all the time. Often I think I would love to trade the hustle and bustle of Baltimore for a much more calm and simple life in "smalltownville". I'm not sure where this is and I wouldn't want to pick up and leave my family.

My idea "smalltownville" would be a one stop light town. The kind of place with a Main Street with a few cafes (and NOT Starbucks), ma and pa grocery store, some specialty stores, a bakery, gas station/auto shop where "Joe" doesn't charge an arm a leg just to change the oil, library....get the idea? Can you just picture it????? Tree lined streets that branch off from Main Street with old Victorian houses that all have shutters and wrap-around-porches. A place you can let your children play and roam and know they are safe. I don't mind a place where everyone knows you and you know everyone.

A place were the schools don't use trailers for classrooms and your kids actually learn. I want to hang my laundry (not the personables) out in the fresh air, grow my own veggies (ones the squirrels don't eat) have town meetings, go to town fairs and festivals (not on the large scale we have here), walk everywhere or ride a bike....etc. A place without all the commercial temptations.

Of course with living in a small town the hope would be that the cost of living would be more affordable and I wouldn't have to work so that I could enjoy the "smalltownville" life.

Maybe something like this:

Then reality sinks in, you know that little voice in your head...which is usually Sean's voice of reason: Where would he/we work? We would just pick up and leave our family and friends? Could I survive without a Walmart? Where is this "smalltownville" anyway?
So then I open my eyes and I am back in Baltimore. Don't get me wrong I love my house, love were I live, love that my friends and family are really close and love my family.....but a girl can DREAM right????

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