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Good Bye Blue

Saturday, August 15, 2009
Today we said "Good Bye" to our Land Rover. We have had it for 6 years and it has been really good to us. Unfortunatley it had 110k miles, the sunroof leaked, there was some other leak that made the passenger carpet wet (all the time), sounded like a tank, drank up gas like a tank (only about 11 mpg city, 14 mpg highway) and it was on the verge of some expensive maintenance. Funny to think you get attached to a car but we did. Abby was actually a little upset we were getting rid of it. We traded it in on the "cash for clunkers" government incentive....much more than we would of gotten otherwise.

So "GOOD BYE" ole Blue we will miss you!!!

So you want to know what we got??????? Well I definitley wanted something much more fuel efficient (hence the purpose of the "cash for clunkers"). I was also interested in something that would give me the room to take a friend for the girls.... that would require 3rd row seating. I'm over the desire for a mini van and glad that passed and I didn't act on it previously. Trying to find something small with 3rd row seating was a challenge. There were 2 "wagons" I came up with (Kia Rondo and Mazda 5). Now when I say wagon it is not the "station wagons" of the past. I did lots of research and decided the Kia Rondo was what we wanted.

We got black exterior with dark grey interior and 3rd row seating. It is really nice. Sits further off the ground than a sedan and it is not as big as a SUV.
Hoping for many happy years with our new car.

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