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Lists and Calendars

Thursday, August 27, 2009
I LOVE LISTS. I love to make a list, complete the task and then scratch it off the list. I have TO DO lists, HONEY DO lists, SUMMER PROJECT lists, WEEKLY MENU lists, GROCERY lists, WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT lists, SCRAPBOOK PAGES TO DO lists, HOME REPAIR lists not to mention all the lists and notes I scribble down on post-it-notes. When I am at work sitting at my desk I often write myself reminder notes or make a list of things I need at a certain store or a lists of area yard sales I find on CraigsList. Sometimes I look at my desk and it is covered in yellow....post-it-notes or paper from my small yellow tablet. Then when you look in my pocketbook there are more lists for things to buy or things to do. (I'm not even considering all the notes and lists I have for work related things). What is very frustrating is when I need a list and I don't have....example at the store.

Do you get the picture.....my lists ARE EVERYWHERE. Sometimes this is overwhelming.

This is not to mention the calendar situation. I have a date book I carry with me. There is a monthly calendar on our bulletin board in the kitchen, then Abby will get a monthly calendar from school and I am sure Emma will as well.

I consider my self an organized person but the lists and calendars make my head spin. I need more organization in this part of my life. Now that the girls will be going to different schools and doing more activities I feel like there needs to be a BETTER SYSTEM.
Currently in our we use this:

This is in our kitchen over the counter. It has worked in the past but I am feeling that it is no longer adequate for our busy life. I have found several ideas I like but they are either toooo expensive or won't work in our house.

The first one is an old door with chalk board paint...this is really cool. The next are chalkboard wall decals....I do like this idea but they are expensive you can find all kinds here.

As you know I like to read BLOGs and have read what other people do. This is a popular topic this time of year with school starting. Some people have BINDERS that they keep all their lists. That is great but I am certainly not lugging a binder everywhere with me. This is a good idea for a stay-at-home mom. Check out the Organizing Junkie...there are great ideas here for tons of stuff .

So I am looking for ideas or inspiration. I hoping I figure something out soon, as school starts next week and there will be much more to keep track of. Wish me luck.

3 comments to Lists and Calendars:

Loreli said...

check etsy.com and search for wall decals or chalkboard wall decals ..... you might be able to find them for much less $$

Anonymous said...

I am also a List Maker! Several years ago I had the problem of too many calendars, and everything I read suggests ONE calendar. I didn't want to carry a BIG planner with me because it gets too heavy, and a small one isn't big enough! I finally resorted to an electronic planner.

There are several free calendars online, like Google Calendar. I have been using this one a lot lately. Another nice feature is that when I put an appt. in there for my husband or one of my teen boys, I can email them an invitation and they can be responsible (at their ages!) to put it in their own calendars. I still need to remind them of the important ones, but at least they have an awareness of it!

As for the to do lists ... that is also a big problem for me! I used to use my Palm, which was perfect! I could just add anything to my task list and it would roll of to the next day if I didn't accomplish it, or I could set up a weekly/monthly or yearly reminder of things like renewing the auto license. Now that I'm on Google calendar (which does have a Task feature) and a Blackberry, it doesn't put these tasks on the day I want them, or at least the way I'm used to doing it!

Another suggestion I have read is have a planner with sections like "to call", "to do", "to buy", etc. If you use something like that instead of lots of sticky notes, you can have the list organized and keep it with you.

Good Luck!

Bonnie said...

I am like you. I love lists and have always made them ! I recently started keeping all of my lists in ONE BOOK. Just a cheap notebook that fits in my purse. I carry the thing around everywhere. I have my grocery lists, my menu plans, my to do lists, my phone numbers people give me when we're out, notes to self. They are all in one book !! It has made my list making so much easier. I print a monthly calendar out and tape it in to keep track of things that have a date that I need to remember ... it is working really well.

PS ... I just linked up to this as well and am going through the links. You can find mine here if you are interested ...


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