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Growing UP!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009
This coming week is a BIG one for Emma. She will start kindergarten. She seems excited, hopefully she will LOVE it. More on kindergarten this weekend and next week.

The crazy thing is that all of a sudden over the past two weeks Emma seems older, more mature and smarter. She has been using some BIG words lately:
EXHAUSTED, ACTUALLY, AMAZING, DELICIOUS....it's almost like she tries to find a "big girl" synonym for what she wants to say. She is so aware of the BIG words.

Another BIG milestone happened this week. I have been telling Emma we needed to practice tying her shoes and she would always blow me off. Then this week I mentioned it again. On Monday morning while Sean was putting on his shoes he showed her how to do it. Emma then grabbed my tennis shoe and DID IT....I figured it was definitely beginners luck. Well she has done it many times since then and nails it every time. She does get frustrated with herself because she doesn't tie it tight enough. She even did a double knot on her own shoes.

I was so proud of her.....I remember struggling with learning to tie.
So not only will she be starting school and tying shoes, she will probably lose her first tooth within the next year.

This is ALL happening to fast. I'm afraid to keep blinking....she might be in college when I open my eyes again.

2 comments to Growing UP!!!:

WackyMummy said...

I'm actually amazed that kids still learn to tie shoes, so kudos to her!!!
I've got my son in his many velcro-strap shoes, and while yes, it's a time saver for me and he learns how to get his feet into and out of shoes easier and faster, I wonder if it will eventually come back to haunt me if he can't learn to tie because of all this. (sigh. maybe I worry too much.)
Congrats to Emma, and Happy Friday!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

That is impressive! Just like using a real clock until they can tell time, I think it's important to put kiddos in real, lace-up shoes when they need to learn to tie.

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