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Monday, February 15, 2010
I think the past week and 1/2 defines the true meaning of STAYCATION. Here is the run down of our Staycation, in no particular order:

* 2 Blizzards
* roughly 50 inches of snow in 5 days
* Schools & work closed an entire week
* counting weekends, President's Day and the Friday before the storm that I had off, we were
off for a total of 11 days
* I baked brownies, chocolate chip cookies and monkey bread cake.
* We played many games of bowling on the Wii, we played board games and did puzzles.
* Cleaned the house really good 2x and did laundry just about everyday.
* Ran the dishwasher just about everyday (usually it is every other day).
* Had two cups of coffee everyday (usually only have one in the morning).
* Shoveled the snow, played in the snow and went sledding in the snow.
* Scrapbooked with a rengence:
* sorted all the pages I had already scrapped and organized them into books.
* started my 365 Project - the idea is to take a picture everyday of the year and keep them
in this cool scrapbook with lots of cool embellishments - I on the other hand decided to
document our lives a week at a time. I think I will be able to maintain this better.
* I completed 18 scrapbook pages and looked at lots of old pictures of the girls.
* made Valentines for friends and teachers.
* made Valentines for Daddy.
* Ate a ton of comfy food....turkey chili, grilled cheese, french toast....might be comfy but not too
* read a book - "Precious". Even tough the circumstances that surround this young girl's life are
horrific, it is a very inspiring book. I loved it and it is a easy read.
* Went to the grocery store 2 times (to stock up for the blizzards).
* stayed home without leaving in the car for 6 of the 11 days.
* went to the movies and ice skating(doing this today).
* Looked at WBAL, WJZ and Foot's Forecast more than I am willing to admit.
* Blog surfed at least every other day.
* Blogged 5 times.
* Watched lots of the Olympics this weekend (love the moguls).
* Picked up after my kids CONSTANTLY.
* Spent lots of time snuggling with my hubby and the girls.
***MOST of all I truly enjoyed my unexpected time off and quality time with my family...without the hustle and bustle of normal daily life. I have also confirmed that WE as a family are "homebodies".

One of my goals for the year was to try and live a simpler/slower lifestyle....thanks to the snow I was able to fulfill this goal for a short period of time.

Hope all my other Maryland friends and those who also we affected by the snow enjoyed their slower pace of life without going too stir crazy.

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