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Scrapbooking Room

Saturday, February 13, 2010
This post is a little overdue. Some of my readers have visited my house and have seen this room, others have asked to see pictures. When we moved into our 4 bedroom house several years ago we quickly realized that the spare bedroom became a dumping ground for lots of miscellaneous items. To me is seemed like wasted space. Only one time in 3 years did someone spend the night and use it as a spare bedroom. So my bright idea was to make it into a scrapbooking room for me and the girls. As always Sean was a little skeptical of my idea. So September 2009 we got to work.

Here is BEFORE:

The walls were a Navy Blue. The room is small to begin with and the dark walls definitely made it seem smaller. There isn't a closet because the previous owner closed it off and opened the wall in the other bedroom to make a closet.

So after several layers of primer and a few layers of much brighter paint, here is the new room:

Of course I had lots of scrapbooking supplies and arts and craft supplies to fill the room.

When my scrapbooking stuff was in the basement I already had the drawer cabinets. Sean made a countertop to put on top and extended it around the wall so the girls had their own work space. We added wall cabinets and shelves. Now everything has a place.

The girls love the room and all the fun stuff they have to use to create. I love that we can all be in the room at the same time and all have our own space.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my room. I love that I can find everything and it is all organized. The room gets quite messy sometimes but that is ok....proof we are enjoying and creating in our wonderful space.

5 comments to Scrapbooking Room:

erin said...

Love the room. I am sure your girls will enjoy it.

RawSierra said...

wow ! what an awesome makeover! I love to scrap too! Been doing it for about 10 years now but lately I have slacked off. You have given me new energy to get busy and scrap!

Tammy James said...

Lovely Space! You have done an amazing job here!

Vanessa said...

Saw your photos on DIY..I am also a sb'er so they caught my eye right away. You created a great space for yourself!

lannettring said...

Amazing! Where did you get the cute little drawer chest with the ABC's?

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