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Crocheting 101

Thursday, February 11, 2010
On my long list of things I want to learn or do was crocheting. I have very vivid and fond memories of my mom crocheting when I was little. I remember pulling out the yarn for her and spreading it all over the floor. I never really had an interest until I got older and unfortunately I didn't have my mom here to teach me. But I am lucky to work with an amazingly crafty gal... Elisa. She scrapbooks, crochets, knits, plays multiple instruments and is a genius on the computer. Elisa was kind enough to have a lunchtime lesson. It took a while to get comfortable holding the needle and yarn all at the same time. I also figured out I am very stressed and it reflects in my crocheting!!! I tend to crochet very tight. I had to really pay attention to loosen up my stitches. My first project was a hat. It was suppose to be "one size fits all" however because I crochet SOOOO tight it ended up being SOOOO small I don't think it would fit on a newborn's head.
So I moved onto a new project: a scarf. It was a one skein scarf. It took about a week and I pulled out several rows before I was happy. Here is the finished scarf:

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