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Saturday, February 6, 2010
I feel like I am stuck in a snowglobe and it won't stop shaking. We have about 2 feet if not more and it is still coming down hard. It is not suppose to stop until later this evening.

So here is what it looked like around 9:30 this morning. Don't think we will be going anywhere for several days.

And here is what it looks like inside:

Sean's playing the Wii, the girls were doing school worksheets (already done one pack and they are beggin for more), brownies were baked last night, turkey chilli in the crockpot for tonight and TOYS everywhere. LOVE spending time with my family. If there is one good thing about the snow it slows us down and gives us time to do things we may not do as often as we would like...play games, read books, put together puzzels, do arts and crafts, watch movies and just cuddle with the ones we love.

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