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Thanksgiving cookies and.....

Monday, November 23, 2009
Today the girls made Pilgrim hat cookies. These are super easy. I showed the girls one time and they made rest.

We took Fudge Striped cookies turned them upside down, took a Reese's cup and dipped it in vanilla icing (added a few drops of yellow food coloring) then added a orange Tic Tac. I changed it up a little and tried to make one look like a turkey by adding candy corn.

Super easy, Super fun.

P.S. Yesterday I made ham and bean soup with DUMPLINGS. It was the first time I ever made Dumplings and they turned out. I have many memories of my Mom making dumplings. Many times they turned out but many times they didn't. These things are pretty temperamental. I was soooo excited that they turned out, especially on my first try. All turned out YUMMY!!!

Emma lost her first tooth on Friday (it had been loose since September). The Tooth Fairy stopped by and left $5, a certificate, and sprinkled some fairy dust on her pillow but the Tooth Fairy must of forgotten her fairy dust because Emma found it on my vanity...OOOPPS!!! Emma then said she thought the Tooth Fairy left it because she saw the scrapbook room and thought we could use it.!!!! Whewwwww!!! Hopefully the Tooth Fairy takes all her belongings with her next time!!!

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