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Pop Culture Influence

Saturday, October 24, 2009
My girls are big fans of Miley Cyrus. It all started about 2 years ago. During bath time while one was in the tub the other would lay on my bed and watch the Disney channel....then they would switch. At that time Hannah Montana would always be on. So the girls quickly became fans. We have seen every episode; seen the Concert Movie in 3D and now own it; seen the newest Hannah Montana movie at the movies and also own it; have just about all the songs downloaded; and own the dolls, the guitars and pocketbooks. They know all the words and love to sing Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus.

Their newest favorite Miley Cyrus song is "Party in the USA". The song is catchy and the girls know all the words. We often show them the videos of her songs and Taylor Swift on YOUTUBE. So last week they saw the video for "Party in the USA". I was not watching but overheard them talking about how SHORT Miley Cyrus' shorts were. I also heard Sean say, "I'm gonna call Billy Ray (her dad) and talk to him about those shorts." Then earlier this week I saw the video and realized it is not age appropriate for my girls. There are a lot of short shorts and skimpy clothes, as well as boarder line sleazy dancing.

So now to my point. Not even a 4 year old is immune to the pop culture influences. Today Abby had on capris and pushed them all the way up (as far as she could) and said she had on shorts like Miley Cyrus in "Party in the USA". Then a few minutes later she put on her black boots...these are the boots I bought to go with her Pirate costume for Halloween. She has walked around ALL day like this (only in the house of course). And yes, there are pictures:

They are not the best pictures....she didn't want me to take her picture.

Oh, by the way Miley Cyrus' performance of this song from the Teen Choiceawards is even worse (she swings on a pole...every father's nightmare).
*** it is hard to tell but I have posted the links to both videos above - click on "Party in the USA" and just above on "Miley Cyrus' performance of this song from Teen Choice awards" to see the videos. For what ever reason my BLOG does not highlight the link very well.

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