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Saturday, October 10, 2009
For Emma's birthday she wanted her ears pierced. (She had them done when she was 1 year old but one fell out and we couldn't get it back in.) We explained that it was a big responsibility and she had to take care of them. I explained what would happen and she still wanted them pierced...yes I told her it would hurt. So the weekend before her birthday she got them done. Of COURSE there are pictures.

This is the "I'm SOOOOO excited and happy to get my ears pierced" picture.

This is the "okay I will count to 3 then do it....1, 2, SHOOT". Hey what happened to #3???

This would be the "OUCH, that really hurt" picture.

Yes, I felt a little bad....but look at the next one.

This is less than five minutes later. Notice the smile???

Yes, she was fine. As we walked through the mall she looked in every store front window and mirror to get a glimpse of her ears.

She had done really good. She reminds me about cleaning them and turning them. They look really cute. She has to keep them in until Thanksgiving then we can change them.

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