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Naughty or Nice

Wednesday, December 2, 2009
So which list will you be on this Christmas? This past weekend we started a Naughty and Nice list to help keep the girls in line. Then I remembered an idea from last year. Several people we know did this, so we decided to give it a try.
Have you heard of Elf on a Shelf??? If you haven't, basically it is a "pretend" elf that sits on a shelf or somewhere in the house and watches to make sure you are being good. Check our this website to read more about the original idea: https://elfontheshelf.com/indexnf.php
I personnally think the official Elf on a Shelf is a little creepy. So my friend Julie had an idea to get an elf from the Disney store since they have the new Disney Christmas show "Prep and Landing".
So this morning Magee the Elf appeared on top of a bookshelf in our living room. On the dining room table was this letter:

Dear Emma and Abby,

My name is Magee and I am an elf. I have been sent to your house by Santa Claus. Santa is very busy this time of year and needs help making his Naughty and Nice lists.

My job is to keep my eyes on you for Santa. I will come to your house everyday and sit somewhere where I can see you. I will make sure you are being good. Every night I will report back to Santa and let him know if you were Naughty or Nice.

I have strict instructions not to talk to anyone while I am in your house. You however can talk to me. If you have a message that you want to give Santa just let me know and I will make sure he gets it.

Another important thing to remember is that you cannot play with me or touch me. I have an important job to do and Santa doesn't want me playing around.

Santa has told me that the two of you are very good girls but sometimes have a little trouble listening your Mom and Dad. I know it is hard to be good all the time but just remember I am watching for Santa.

I hope I can let Santa know that you are good so he can keep you on the Nice List.

I have left a little book for each of you. This book will help you get ready for Santa's arrival.

Thanks for letting me visit you.

Your Elf Friend,


When Emma first found Magee she said...."she is just a stuffed animal, look she is soft." Emma is asking lots of questions about Santa. Can't believe she is so curious at 6. I've had to be quick on my feet. Then before we left the house I heard Abby say...."Bye Magee, we are going to school and Mommy and Daddy are going to work." It was really cute.

The girls were pretty good tonight, hopefully this will work.

So the plan is for Magee to perch herself in a different spot everytime she returns in the morning. Hopefully this will keep the girls on the Nice List.

P.S. Abby said tonight that Santa lives at the North "pool"!!!!

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