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Sunday, December 13, 2009
Not sure if have posted about this before but if I did it is definitely worth saying again and again.

After my Grandmother (my Mom's Mom) died 17 years ago there was worry that the family of 3 brothers, 4 sisters and many grandchildren would loose contact. This was definitely hard for my Mom as well as me. I have many fond memories of the entire family cramming into my Grandmother's small row house in Highlandtown (now Canton) for Christmas, Easter and Birthday celebrations. There would be plenty of food, fun and family.

It seemed like after Grandmom West died there was a lull in the family gatherings. My Mom was always willing to have the entire family over at anytime. Then 9 years ago my Mom passed away. Several years went by without seeing the family together all at once. Just like my Mom I cherish my family and love to spend time with them.

So 6 years ago I started a new tradition: a Family Christmas Party in hopes of getting the family together as least once a year. I know this is a busy time for everyone, yet everyone seems to make it and have fun.

Yesterday was the 6th gathering and another one I will cherish. I have family that comes from the Eastern shore has far as Ocean City and family that comes from West Virginia. I try to spend time with everyone and catch up on the year's happenings. I know my Grandmother and Mom are just as happy as me to see everyone together.

(Aunt Jean, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Maryann, Uncle Dick, Aunt Gail and Uncle Carl - my Mom's brothers and sisters)

I want to thank my family for sharing in this wonderful day.

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