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Monday, February 21, 2011
lost socks:
* white sock with cupcake and pink edge
* pink and brown poka dot
* pink with flowers and swirls
* stripes with a hippo

These are just descriptions of some of the lost socks in our house. Everytime I do the girls' laundry it seems as though several go missing. I'm worried the dryer might be eating them???? Where could they possibly be???

I refused to put the unmatched sock in the sock drawer for fear it would be forever lost all alone. So I started laying them on a shelf in Emma's closest. This was definitely not ideal. So during a recent blog surfing expedition I found this and this. What a great idea!!!

So last week during an unexpected day off this is what I did:

When we remodeled our 1/2 bath we stained tongue and groove floor boards and put them on the ceiling. We had scraps just laying in the basement that worked perfectly. I painted over the stain with crackle then topped it with off white paint. I didn't like how that turned out. So then I painted it with a greyish tan color....much better. I stamped the clothes pins with brown swirls so they didn't look so plain. I used my Cricket to cut out the letters and Viola!!!!!!
I hung this in the upstairs hallway next to the bedrooms.
****Since this photograph was taken 5 missing socks were found (in Emma's bed between the sheets and in the dress up drawer). Off course after the latest laundry washing 3 lonely socks were found and added to the board. I believe this will be a never ending mission!!!!

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