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Summer To-Do List

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So at the beginning of summer we made of list of activities we wanted to do over the summer. When I first proposed this to the girls I was afraid their wishes would be outrageous (ex. Disney). But I was shocked....most of what they wanted to do was FREE. Some of their ideas were going to the playground, playing in the back yard and playing with friends. I was glad they were happy with the cheap and day-to-day activities.
So as a family we came up with our Summer To-Do-List. I put it in a picture frame to display and so we could use a dry-erase marker to check off the activities as we did them. Here are some of the activities we came up with and actually did this summer:

* have a picnic

* see Toy Story 3

* go to a street concert

* go to a beach

* family movie night

* join the library summer reading program

* visit a new playground

* visit the zoo

* visit Aunt Gail

* watch fireworks

* go to the 4th of July Parade

* complete the summer challenge from school

...and a few others. If you notice most are free or very cheap.

As you can see we had a busy summer including a 2 day trip to Hershey Park (that's why I didn't blog much over the summer). We completed everything on the to-do list except for ice skating...hoping to do that soon.
Now that summer vacation is officially over and we are back in school we are planning our fall activities.

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