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Frugal but Fun Fourth of July

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Having fun with your family doesn't have to be expensive. With many people including us trying to spend less these days finding fun but cheap activities are a must. This past weekend the four of us managed to have a fun filled weekend by just spending.......Let me show you what we did first.

Friday (the girls' daycare was closed so we had a 4 day weekend)
***Zoo - including a ride on the new Jones Falls Zephyr Train

***4th of July Parade
Local beach

Swimming at the pool
4th of July Fireworks

***Eclipse (movie time just for Me)
Pool (Sean and the girls)
Much needed rest

We were exhausted after the weekend but not broke. So how much do you think we spent????

So here is the breakdown:

Zoo - have a membership (paid for itself after 1 1/2 visits) = $0 out of pocket on Friday for admission
Train ride $2 per person = $6
Parade - FREE
Beach - $3 per person (kids in safety seats FREE) = $6
Movies - more expensive than I had expected; had to go to a more expensive theater for an early showing = $32
Pool - have a membership (will explain this in another post) = FREE
Fireworks = FREE
Movies (Eclipse) - $6 admission + $8 popcorn and soda = $14
Pool = FREE
Rest = FREE

Not too bad for a 4 day weekend for 4 people!!!!! We are good about packing lunches when we go to the pool, beach and zoo.
Hope everyone enjoyed their Indepenence weekend...we did!!!!

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