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I {HEART} the Library

Sunday, January 30, 2011
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." ~ Dr. Seuss

I LOVE that my girls LOVE to visit the library.

I LOVE that my girls LOVE to READ.

I LOVE that my girls are CURIOUS and EXCITED about learning.

We usually make a monthly visit to our local library. They have a wonderful children's area with many learning and imaginative toys and of course, BOOKS. We spent an hour and a half yesterday at the library. The girls will usually read for a while then play. Sean and I take turns staying with the girls while the other looks around.

We came home yesterday with 49 books...should of grab another just to round out the number!!! We read 3 books before bedtime and the girls looked at several during the day.

I hope they continue to understand all the wonderful things they will learn and experience by reading. I was never a big reader growing up but in the past five years definitely have a love for books and reading. I also hope the girls will be encouraged and more interested to read when they see Sean and I reading.

When we bring the books home we keep the in a "library book" basket. The girls are very good about putting the books back there, so they don't get mixed up with their own books.

This is what was going on at our house yesterday afternoon after our library visit.

Has anyone ever seen these..... I've seen the books on CD but never a "Playaway". It is basically a recorded story on an "IPod" like device. You rent the Playaway and all you need is a AAA battery and headphones. The girls LOVED them. Didn't have a chance to see if they had adult books available on Playaway, but definitely will on our next visit. Also saw on-line you can download books from the library to your I Phone, computer or DROID (which we have). Can't wait to check that out as well.

Not that I really need ANOTHER reason to LOVE the library but there is....and it is the MOST important one....IT IS FREE. Don't get me wrong we have paid the library for a lost book and some fines in the past but that was pennies compared to what we would have spent at the bookstore.
I hope everyone takes advantage of this wonderful GEM and enjoys all the adventure and knowledge you can gain from a book.

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